Webify Reviewer

PHP Review Script

Create your Own Reviews Website

Have you ever wanted to create your own reviews website? Do you need a customizable and flexible rating system?

Customizable Rating System

Create your own rating criteria. It doesn't matter what kind of reviews website you want to create, our reviews system is flexible and can be configured to accept ratings on any criteria that you want (overall value? price? usability?) the choice is yours for what criteria you want to rate each review on.

Three Tier Category System

Create a category structure up to three levels deep.

Drag and Drop Photo Galleries

It couldn't be any easier to upload photos for your reviews. Just drop and drop multiple images into the upload box and images will be automatically sized and placed.

Rich Content Editor

Format your reviews with bold and italic, insert links to other web pages, embed YouTube videos or advertising code (such as Google Adsense code), insert photos, create tables and more with our feature rich content editor.

Comment System

Allow your readers to post comments!

Search Engine Optimized

All of your reviews will be optimized for search engine visibility.