Webify Project Manager

PHP Project Manager

Project Management and Billing

Keeping track of projects, invoices and clients can be an exercise of diligence. That is why we designed Webify Project Manager to help streamline this process.

Project Submission System

Webify Project Manager provides your visitors with an easy way to submit a project request. It automatically sets up an account for your client, where they can manage and view the details of their project requests, view and pay invoices and submit new projects.

Client Collaboration

Because after about a dozen emails, communicating with your client about their project needs can be a job all of its own. Webify Project Manager makes project collaboration a little bit easier by allowing both you and your client to work from the same project board. They can make edits, you can make edits, with a copy of each revision being emailed to both you and your client.

Billing & Invoicing

Webify Project Manager provides you with an easy way to create multiple invoices for each project. You can send your client a direct invoice payment link and the software will keep track of which invoices have been paid and which have not.

What is Webify Project Manager?

Special software that is plugged in to your website. It helps you to organize and streamline project, client and billing management.

How it Works

A visitor arrives on your website and becomes interested in your services.

  1. The visitor visits the Webify Project Manager project submission form page and fills out their own personal and project details, and submits their project.
  2. You receive an email notification telling you that a visitor has submitted a new project, you can view the details of that project in the email and respond directly, or click over to Webify Project Manager and respond to your client via the project collaboration board.
  3. Your client receives a notification that their project has been updated, and can respond either directly via email, or by using the project collaboration board.
  4. After a price is agreed upon for your project, you can log into the Webify Project Manager control panel and create a new invoice for that project. You email your client a direct link to their invoice.
  5. Your client visitors the invoice payment link and pays their invoice. Webify Project Manager updates the invoice status from unpaid to paid. And you can begin working on your clients project.

Save Time & Increase Organization

Focus on your projects and your clients needs. Let Webify Project Manager handle the details.