Webify Members

PHP Login Script

Create a Members Only Secure Section on your Website

Protect your members only content so that only members can log in and view it. You can choose to charge your members for subscription or simply to require free registration and account creation.

Charge your Members for Access

Bill your subscribers monthly, quarterly, semiannually or yearly with either recurring or non-recurring subscriptions. You can also offer a free trial period.

Offer Free Access with Registration

If you do not want to charge your members for access, but you would like for them to register an account before viewing secure content, that is an option that is available when you use Webify Members.

Secure Individual Pages or Entire Directories

Secure individual pages or choose to secure an entire directory. Securing an entire directory even keeps images and music, videos (etc) protected from unauthorized access. Webify Members uses .htaccess to keep your directories secure.

Secure your Website with the Click of a Mouse

No source code editing is required. Simply click the file or directory that you wish to make secure, and Webify Members will automatically install the security code (which can be removed just as easily).

Subscription Sales History

Keep track of your sales history. Daily earnings summary & individual sales records are recorded chronologically.

Mailing List

An automatic mailing list is kept of each of your members for easy export into your favorite mailing list application.