Webify Digital Store

Digital Download Store

An Online Store for your Digital Products

To sell your digital product on your website, you will need a few things to get started:

  1. An easy way to add and manage products in your web store.
  2. Automatic and instant download delivery of the digital goods that your customers purchase.
  3. Security for your file, so that your legit customers won't be able to share their download link with other people.

Webify Digital Store provides you with all of these features and more.

So What are Digital Products?

Digital products are a low risk, low investment, high reward business opportunity. You don't have to stock a lot of expensive inventory to start your online business and you won't need to physically ship products to your customers (since digital products can be downloaded directly to your customers computer, with the right software, like Webify Digital Store). All you need is an idea for some kind of digital product to sell, and there are many types! From software to ebooks to music and movies, to art and graphics, templates and more.

Software like Webify Digital Store, will equip your website with a fully functional eCommerce shopping cart that will automate your sales as well as the automatic and instant delivery of digital products to your customer.

What is Webify Digital Store?

Special software that is plugged in to your website. This digital goods shopping cart can handle multiple digital product purchase and provides your customers with a way to download their products securely.

How it Works

How to Sell your Digital Product with Digital Store

    1. Through the streamlined Digital Store control panel, you will be able to create your digital product and upload file(s) quickly and easily.

      You can upload as many files for each digital product if you want to.


  1. When a visitor comes to your website, they will be able to browse through your product categories and products, adding the products that they want to purchase to their virtual shopping basket

    Webify Digital Store allows for multiple digital product purchase through a single transaction and allows you to organize your products into categories.
  2. When your customer pays for the items within their shopping cart (using Paypal, their credit card, debit cart, etc) they will next be redirected back to your website where they can instantly download the product that they purchased.

    Digital Store helps to ensure that your customers receive their file downloads by emailing download instructions as well as immediately redirecting your customer to the secure download area after purchase. 
  3. That's it, your business is running on autopilot, generating you residual income while you sleep, vacation or anything else that you like to do!

Your Hands Free, Autopilot Business

When you install Digital Store on your website, you are putting your business on autopilot. Order processing and product file delivery are all handled automatically, all you have to do is watch your sales roll in.

Attract more Customers

Offering instant download of your digital product will help ensure that your visitors buy from you and not your competitors!

What is a Web Script?

A web script (like Digital Store) is a quick and easy way for a website owner (you) to add special features to your website. Web scripts, essentially, plug in to your existing website. They can run alongside your standard traditional website, or your website which is powered by Wordpress, Joomla, etc. Web scripts can run along side your existing special website functions (such as a shopping cart) without issue. Webify web scripts are designed to run independantly of any other systems, while at the same time, integrating with your existing website.

Getting Started - Setup

Installing Digital Store couldn't be easier with our 1 Minute Express Installation service. This is a free service that requires no technical expertise. We also offer a traditional PHP script installation package which can be downloaded and then installed on your website quickly and easily (standard installation takes about 10 minutes). We offer full support during the installation process so that if you have any trouble whatsoever, just pop by our live chat line and get the help that you need, fast!

Automated Download Delivery

Digital Store will deliver your product downloads to your customers as soon as they purchase from your website. Support for ALL types of files (pdf, zip, mp3, jpg etc).

Secure your Files and Purchases

Keep the URL locations of your files hidden, even from your customers! You customers will be able to download files, but they won't know where they are downloading from, so they won't be able to share your files with anyone else.

Limit Downloads

You can set a download limit for each file (per customer).

Upload Multiple Files for each Product

Our easy to use, drag and drop, multi-file upload system allows you to attach multiple files to each of your products (there is no limit to how many you can attach). Best of all, you can upload multiple files at the same time.

Sales History and Earnings Reporting

Each sale that you make is shown in real time, you can view daily earnings, which products have sold, how much you earn each month as well as view daily average incomes from month to month.

Mailing List

A comma delimited mailing list of customers who purchase from you is automatically kept and presented in a format that will be easy to import in to your favovite mailing list software.