Webify Classifieds

Classifieds Script

Create a Classifieds Listing Ads Resource on your Website

If you're looking to setup a newspaper-like classifieds listing directory on your website, then you have found what you are looking for.

Let your Visitors Submit their own Listings

Not only can you create listings of your own, you can also allow your visitors to submit their own listings. Listings won't appear in your directory until they have been approved so you don't have to worry about low quality listings. You can operate a free directory or a paid directory also, and charge your visitors for their listings.

Supports for Free and Paid Listings

Operating a free directory can be a great way to get more traffic to your website from search engines and other websites which value your directory as a resource. This is a great reason to offer a free directory and it is fully supported feature of Webify Classifieds. On the other hand, if you already have traffic, you might wish to monetize your directory and charge your visitors to post their classified ads. This too, is supported.

Customize Listing Upgrade Packages

Choose the features which are available to each level of up-gradable listing package that you offer, such as how many photos a classified listing may upload, and it's ranking within your directory.

Create Categories

A three tier category system is supported with the option to allow classified ads to be submitted to multiple directories.

Photo Gallery

A drag and drop photo upload interface allows you and your users to upload as many photos to your classified ads as you allow. The multi-photo upload interface is fast and easy to use.

Search Engine Optimized

Perfectly search engine optimized with search friendly URL's and well page titles which use the title of a classified ad. Strict code formatting helps to ensure great visibility in search engine results.

Google Maps Integration

View classified ad locations where appropriate on Google maps, with all features available that are standard to Google mapping technology.

Paypal Integration

Integrated with Paypal ecommerce so that your users can upgrade their listings automatically and instantly. You can bill recurring monthly subscriptions, or a single one time fee.

Search Feature

Allows your users to search your entire directory for a keyword or key phrase.

Multiple Currency Support

Supports all currencies which are supported by Paypal.

Comment System

Enable or disable an option comment system that allows your visitors to leave comments on listings.