Webify Business Directory

PHP Business Directory

Create a complete business directory website or add a business directory to your existing website.

Operate either a paid business directory, free directory or hybrid of the two.

It is easy to toggle the type of business directory that you want to run. You can either operate an entirely free business directory that allows your users to submit listings free of charge. You can operate a paid-inclusion directory that allows your users to submit listings that will only activate when they pay for the listing, or you can operate a hybrid directory that allows for free basic listings with optional upgrade packages.

Customize upgrade packages.

Your directory is equipped with Paypal automated e-commerce processing. Users will be able to Enhance, Sponsor or Feature their listings on your home page. You define the pricing and the billing cycle. You can offer monthly, quarterly, yearly or lifetime payment plans.

Search features.

In addition to a category browser your users will have the option to search for listings via key phrase.

Rating system.

Visitors will be able to rate business listings using a 5 star rating system.

Streamlined and User Friendly Interface.

Our one-click structure will make it easy for you and your users to submit new links to your directory, update and customize.

Visitor Submitted Listings

Visitors can register and submit their own business listings which will then appear in your directory once you have approved them or after they have paid for inclusion.

Three Tier Category System

Your website link directory listings can appear in multiple categories with subcategories up to three levels deep.

Add a Photo Gallery

A drag and drop photo upload interface allows you to add as many photos to your blog entries as you like. The multi-photo upload interface is fast and easy to use.

Rich Content Editor

Format your content (blog posts) with bold and italic. Insert links to other web pages. Embed YouTube videos or advertising code (such as Google Adsense code). Insert photos, create tables and more. Anything that you can do with HTML and CSS, you can do with Webify Blog's content editor.

Comment System

Optionally allow or disallow your readers to add comments to your blog posts.

Views Counter

The views counter shows how many unique visitors have read your blog post(s)