Webify Affiliates

Affiliate Script

Create an Affiliate Program for your Website

If you want to offer an affiliate program on your website so that visitors can register as your affiliates and help sell your products, then our affiliate script is just what you are looking for.

Track Affiliate Referrals

Tracking affiliate referrals has never been easier. You can install/uninstall affiliate tracking on any (php) page with the click of a mouse. No code copy/paste or source code editing is required!.

Track Sales

You can track sales made with Paypal shopping cart, instant purchase, subscription or even donation purchases.

Integrate with your Existing Shopping Cart

If you already use a Paypal shopping cart script which uses Paypal's IPN system, you can easily enable affiliate tracking. Webify Affiliates does not require your Paypal IPN URL slot, instead, it can be integrated to work with your existing IPN script.

Use with Paypal Generated Purchase Buttons

If you just want to use a button generated by Paypal's website, that is also possible and easy to do!

Affiliate Link Cloaking

We use a safe an effective method to remove the affiliate ID number from your links. This makes it easier for your affiliates to promote your products credibly.

Many Currencies to Choose From

Supports all currencies which are supported by Paypal.

Affiliate Statistics

View affiliate unique referrals, total page views and referring URL's as well as the page which an affiliate referred a visitor to.

Affiliate Referrers

Both you and your affiliate will be able to review where referrals have come from (which website they were referred from) as well as which page on your website that they landed on.

Affiliate Control Panel

Your affiliates will have access to their own control panel where they can view the links that you have setup to refer visitors to your website. They will be able to get their own referral links and download banners (if you choose to make banners available) an other graphics.

Affiliate Sales

A sales history is kept for each day and will give you earning reports, which include information like which affiliate was responsible for the sale, which product was sold and how much it was sold for, as well as daily total earnings.

Pay your Affiliates

Pay your affiliates with Paypal. All affiliate commission earnings are tracked and updated automatically so you don't need to worry about keeping any records!

Designed for Paypal

Written specifically for Paypal ecommerce. Sorry, only Paypal ecommerce purchase tracking is supported. All types of Paypal

Automatically Integrated with all Webify Scripts

If you want to enable affiliate tracking for any of your Webify powered scripts, no set is required at all! Just upload Webify Affiliates and you will be ready to go with affiliate referral and purchase tracking.